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Concursul de Eleganta , София, Болгария

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Ну и по традиции....

Кто-то хочет прокатиться???

Мероприятие будет 14 сентября, аналогичное Concursul de Eleganta в Румынии, но ещё добавлена номинация тюнинг/хотроды/ и т.д. Я буду заявляться официально.

План :

13.09.2019 – пятница

14.00 – настаняване и подреждане на автомобилите;
17.00 – уелком дринк и брифинг – амфитеатър;
 20.00 – вечеря в лейктаверна.

14.09.2019 – събота

 10.00 – 16.00 – инспектиране на автомобилите от журито и ден на публиката;
13.00 обяд в Клуб Хаус;
 17.00 начало на дефилиране и награждаване;
20.00 – гала вечеря във зала Ивентим.

15.00 – неделя

 Свободна програма и отпътуване


По дороге пересечёмся с друзьями из Молдовы.  По мере желающих будем решать с программой по ходу движения. Хотелось бы опять прокатиться сплочённым дружным коллективом.


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Sports Club Bulgarian automotive glory
and Bulgarian automobile club RETRO




Organizing committee
Chairman: Marko Stojchev
Members: Vanya Guderova,Kristian Zhelev
President: Kristian Zhelev
Secretary: Margarita Nikolova
Public Relations:Georgi Lukanov
Main steward: Teodor Zhelev
Stewards: Doncho Donchev, Galina Pevicharova

Sofia - Bulgaria
24  ”MORENI’’ street
Kristian Zhelev
phone number  +359 887 227 648
Email: diagonal@abv.bg


Description of the competition:
 Bulgarian Automobile Glory and Bulgarian Automobile Club RETRO are
organizing Concours d’Elegance for historical vehicles /FIVA B event – license
NC68/2019/, which will be held according to FIVA rules and the rules listed below.
The event will be held on 14.09.2019 in BlackSeaRama- Balchik        
13.09.2019 / Friday /
12.00 -17.00 -Accommodation of the participants and aligning the cars at the on
instructions from the main steward;
 There is an additional parking lot provided for car trailers and other helping vehicles.
- From the moment of arrival, the cars will be conducted by the Jury
about inspection, and between 18.00 to 19.30h.
 17.00 –Welcome drink and briefing – Amphitheatre
 20.00 – Dinner at Lake Tavern
14.09.2019/ Saturday /
 10.00 -16.00 –Inspections of cars by the jury and audience day
 13.00 – Lunch at Club House
 17.00 – Begging of showcasing and awarding – dress code Artistic
(complimentary of the époque of the cars)
 20.00 – Gala dinner in the Venue Hall - dress code White night
15.09.2019 / Sunday / - Free program and departure
The competition allows only crews, being invited by the organizers. The selection of vehicles
will be carried out based on their historical, technical and aesthetic value, as well as on their
rarity and authenticity.
Vehicles admitted to the competition must be in perfect condition and roadworthy (submitting
of a valid annual technical inspection and insurance is not mandatory, because they will not
be road users). Travelling to the venue of the competition takes place voluntarily and
individually, not as organized transfer.
Vehicles with production year not later than 1987 will be allowed; and will be assigned into
the following categories:


 Class A – until year 1904;
 Class B – from 1905 to 1918;
 Class C – from 1919 to 1930;
 Class D – from 1931 to 1945;
 Class E – from 1946 to 1960;
 Class F – from 1961 to 1970;
 Class G – from 1971 to 1989.
In accordance to the current rules these classes will be grouped in the following way:
Pre-war Vehicles, a category consisting of classes A, B,C,D:
 Antebellum closed vehicles
 Antebellum open vehicles
Post-War Vehicles, a category consisting of classes E,F,G:
 Post-war convertible
 Post-war carriages
 Post-war sedan
 Post-war East Europe vehicles
           Iconic cars of the 20 th century, a category consisting of classes A, B, C, D, E, F, G
Note: Organizing Committee will accept for participants under a special category H also those
participants with Hot Road, Street Road, replicas and conceptual models.
Organizing Committee has the right to refuse the registration form without stating the reasons
for this (Article 7, item 1.4. Of the Code of international competitions FIVA).
Number of the participants - 40 vehicles.
Each invited participant must fill in an application form not later than 10.08.2019 and then
send it to the address of the organizer. The participants must identify all the characteristics of
the vehicle and its history in the form, if they believe that this information will be useful in the
evaluation. If the vehicle has unique or rare features, additional equipment or deviations from
the standard, the participant is obliged to indicate in the application. (e.g. - to distinguish the
vehicle from the standard models).
Participants must enclose photos of the car from at least three positions.
With their request to participate candidates agree that their vehicles undergo a peer review
and a review by the technical committee.
Each participant must pay a participation fee of 100 euro per person in the bank account
shown in the form. The fee includes:
 Welcome drink on 13.09.2019

Dinner on 13.09.2019
 Lunch on 14.09.2019
 Gala dinner on 14.09.2019
 Materials for the contest
The vehicles will be assessed from an international Jury.
The president/chairman of the jury manages the activity of the rest of the members and
presents the results from the competition.
The decision of the jury is final and does not undergo a change; no objections are allowed as
well, after the final scores are announced.
Cars evaluation it will be performed by members of jury and will start from the very arrival of
the cars. On instructions from the Main Steward the vehicles will be parked according to their
class participation. Car owners are required to provide access to them and, if necessary, to
answer the questions the members of the jury. The technical evaluation will reflect: originality
and condition of cabin, engine, chassis, braking system. Authenticity of the parts of the body,
trim, accessories and equipment. Optionally members of the jury might ask the owner to
ignite the engine.
 The jury on the basis of the assessment of the technical review, aesthetic criteria and data
about the history of the car, presented by the owner will form the final score, will form the
final evolution. Will be taken into account both the originality and degree of restoration and
elegance of design and general aesthetics / colour harmony, elegance of the upholstery and
interior trim, equipment and accessories /
See FIVA Judging form attached to this document.
Convertibles can parade with open hoods as the jury may wish to examine the car with
lowered hood;
The jury will also assess the participants’ clothing - it is desirable that it corresponds to the
age of the car
Numbers and promotional materials
The organizers will provide each participant with a sticker with the logo of the competition
and a number that should be placed in the upper right corner of the windshield.
Participants should put on their vehicles only promotional materials provided by the
organizers. An exception to this rule is allowed only for club emblems or numbers and
emblems being part of the history of the car.

Classes and awards
 Antebellum closed car - Dinosaurs on the road
 Antebellum open cars - Wind in the hair
 Post-war sedan - The World Is Big
 Post-war convertibles - Journey to the twilight
 Post-war carriages - The power is back
 Iconic models of the 20th century - When dreams come true
 Post-war cars from Eastern Europe - The red flag gave birth to us
 Custom cars - Flight of Fantasy
Special awards
 The most attractive crew;
 Audience Award;
 The most authentic car;
 Best restoration-studio;
The big prize of the contest - The best of the show


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Так мы пока с тобой вдвоём едем??? 

Я имею ввиду две машины? 

А где любители острых ощущений??? 

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Только потомки великих Даков готовы ехать? 




Кстати, можно проехать ещё раз по Трансфэгэрэшану. Дорога знакомая, медведи тоже))) 

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Карлович, я бы за тобой и Иванычем поехал на фордозавре (напомню 2 бака в стоке а скока там литров не знает ни одна таможня мира (привет Незалежнай)) но я бля уже 3 года НЕВЫЕЗДНОЙ НИКУДА КРОМА РФ. 

Памушта вы реалны мэны.:icon_beer:

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